Astrology Affirmation - Foiled


Our Astrology Affirmation prints are celebrating all the personalities, quirks, and the types of love we have to offer. See below for detailed descriptions for each star sign.

Colours available:

Green - Ocean Blue - Electric Blue - Grape - BubbleGum - Hot Pink - Red - Rose Gold - Gold - Copper - Silver - Holographic Silver - Holographic Gold & Black

Print Information:

    • Multiple sizes available
    • Art prints are printed on high quality 300GSM Art Stock
    • Items are shipped in protective rigid packaging

Additional Information:

    • Express Post upgrade available, otherwise items are sent via eParcel and Priority Post.
    • AfterPay, Zip Pay, PayPal & Credit Card payment options available.
    • Please allow up to a maximum of 2 weeks for your order’s dispatch, should you require it sooner please let us know via our socials or by emailing to rush your order.
    • Please note that framing is for display purposes only. Although Hustle Living doesn't sell frames, the majority of prints are sold in common & standard sizes.  
    • This design is also available in our Standard Range Here


21 March - 20 April

Hey Aries, well aren’t you the force to be reckoned with. The courage and ambition you have never goes unnoticed, which is an inspiration to all around you. Your beautiful heart and fire within you brings warmth like no other. Being the leader of your pack, your generosity shines through. Your life is here to be lived, so you must take those risks.


21 April - 21 May

Hey Taurus, well aren’t you quite a determined and hardworking problem solver. Your strength and passion is admirable beyond belief. Your sincerity is valuable and keeping your word is so important to you. Those around you hold with appreciation your presence of grounding and security. Go make those goals and visions of yours a reality. 


22 May - 21 June

Hey Gemini, well aren’t you the cheerful and excited spirit that lights up the room. You have this beautiful skill of bringing people together, and communicating the messages that people need to hear. Your intelligent and dynamic nature gives you a world full of knowledge, which also raises the curious questions. Nothing in this world can hold you back, you are here on earth to experience and live to the fullest.


22 June - 22 July

Hey Cancer, well aren’t you a beautiful nurturing soul with a radiant golden heart. You are full of loyal love, and the way you take care for people is like no other. You are deeply intuitive and emotionally aware, and know how to compose the right course of action for any situation. Creative and resilient, you always enjoy your own company and mind, turning any experience into a fascinating story.


23 July - 22 August

Hey Leo, well aren’t you full of passion and a bright spark of energy. You are all about the good times, positive vibes and just want those around you to be happy. Let’s be honest, whether you plan to or not, you are the centre of attention, and have the biggest heart. You always have the purest of intentions, and your innately gentle spirit is so trusting. You have the strongest love.


23 August - 23 September

Hey Virgo, well aren’t you a hardworking go getter who doesn’t settle for anything less than you’re worth. You are such a generous and giving soul, and will drop anything to help those around you. Intelligent, practical and detail minded, you are always learning and evolving to become the best version of yourself possible. Beauty and perfection inspire you, if you want it, you will make it happen.


24 September - 23 October

Hey Libra, well aren’t you full of so much love, happiness, and wear that heart of yours on your sleeve. You’re a creative and imaginative spark; a master communicator, and are able to see things from both sides of the scale. A room full of people is your happy place, you bring comfort and people love being around you. Your magical presence brings beauty, balance and harmony to the world.


24 October - 22 November

Hey Scorpio, well aren’t you a passionate, powerful and magnetising soul. You're not afraid to say what other people are thinking, and your sometimes cynical take on the world is creative, smart, and uniquely hilarious. Blessed with a deep sense of self and intuition, you are forever transforming and going deeper. Your authentic heart of gold goes after what you want - it’s all or nothing.


23 November - 21 December

Hey Sagittarius, well aren’t you a wildly independent being. Adventurous, strong-willed, and a natural born leader, you are all about expanding your horizons. You are an enlightened soul. You are honest, which is valued and respected. Driving life with purpose and intention, and you are here to be a free spirit, experiencing all the beauty that this world has to offer.


22 December - 20 January

Hey Capricorn, well aren’t you driven to achieve so much greatness. Your soul is wise beyond your years, and you’re a traditionalist at heart. You will make a difference and pride yourself on your strong morals, admired by those around you. Intelligent, creative, and detail-oriented, you love ticking the box with whatever aligns with your sincere energy. Settle for the best and nothing less.


21 January - 19 February

Hey Aquarius, well aren’t you the warm human that creates admirable change in this world. You have this authentic way of thinking, a passionate humanitarian heart. Always looking towards the future; and will never accept "good enough" until you truly believe it's enough. Your quirky, innovative and beautiful mind makes the world a more wonderful place.


20 February - 20 March

Hey Pisces, well aren’t you such a poetic soul with so much magic to offer this world. You’re an awe-inspiring listener and the way you hold space for those around you is admirable. Your intelligence, creativity and deep intuition shines through, and the way you love is like no other. Your dreamy mind teaches others that the possibilities in life are endless.