Pet & Family Portraits

We often get asked questions about our Pet & Family Portraits so we put together our top tips for photos & most asked questions!

Our Photo Tips

Bright and Clear Images
The details you see in your image is what we are using to create your print, so supplying us with bright and clear images is best! 

We recommend using or taking the photo during the day time for natural bright lighting.
In the Correct Poses
For our whole Pet & Family Portrait range, please submit images with your pets and family/friends in the correct poses i.e. sitting/standing.

Illustrate My Pet prints look more natural when the image supplied is with the photo taken torso up & front on!
Original or Scanned images
When possible, supplying the original and highest resolution image is always best! 

Sometimes it is unavoidable and you do need to use social media, please save rather than supplying a screenshot.

If you are looking to revive an old image, please scan the image at the highest resolution available.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be sent?
For custom orders typically we run at about 7 days production time, but allow for up to two weeks around busy periods. 

Express shipping takes about 1-3 days, Standard Aus shipping 3-7 days and New Zealand express shipping take approx 2 weeks!

Need your print urgently? Shoot us through a message and we can let you know if we can work to your required timeline!
Where can I find frames?
We LOVE our Kmart, Target, Big W, Spotlight and Officeworks frames! They are affordable and in all the same standard sizes as your prints from us! If you are having trouble finding the perfect frame, we are happy to help so please send us through a message or give us a call.
I need my order urgently, can you help me with this?
YES! Of course, we have all been there! Before you pop through your order, send us through a message with all of the details and we will can see if we can help within the timeframe you need!

We do offer physical prints and digital prints for our full Artify Range, our team might suggest opting for the digital file for our urgent international orders or for Australian states we know are experiencing shipping delays.
Can you combine images?
We can combine images for our Illustrate My Pet/Family/Ride! You will see on our website there is the option to submit multiple images for this specific product range. It's as easy as submitting multiple images and selecting the number of people/pet in the print.

If you have any requests for placement you can add a note in the special instructions box!

Please note, for our Portrait My Pet/Family/Ride (watercolour look) we cannot combine images.
What if my image isn't high enough resolution?
We always want our customers to be 100% happy with their print! If you submit an image that we do not think will work, we will always reach out with some options. Sometimes we suggest changing to another style we can provide or we ask for a different image.

If you aren't sure about your image, your welcome to message us before you put the order through and the team can let you know if it is suitable.
Can I see a proof of my print?
Yes of course! You can add a note in the special instructions box to request a proof before we print your order!

Since we individually create each of your prints, we do not offer proofs prior to purchasing. However, we are always more than happy to look at your photos and help you choose which photo or style is best!

If you still have questions, we are here!

Shoot us through a message on facebook or instagram, call us on 0402204669 or email us at hello@hustleliving.com.au

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