Hustle Living's fabric wall decals are made from a peel and stick, re-positionable adhesive material. This means that it can be installed on virtually any flat surface and then removed and reused many times over leaving no adhesive residue. 

How To Install?

It's so important to start off with a clean and completely dry surface. Things like dirt, dust of fibers can cause adhesion issues and may also limit the amount of times your decal will be re-positionable. 

Once the surface is clean, dry and you know where it's home will be, peel back a corner of the decal and stick it to the wall. From here, simply peel the backing away smoothing out the decal as you go along.

Once on the wall, smooth out any bubbles with your hand and dry cloth making sure it's full adhered ... super easy.

Questions & FAQ

How many times can it be re-stuck?

  • This depends on how it's handled and what it's stuck to, our decals can be re-positioned multiple times. Once the adhesive collects too much dust, dirt or fibers, it will become less effective in sticking properly to the surface.

What surfaces can they stick to? 

  • Most clean flat surfaces including glass, walls, doors, columns and pillars - just to name a few.
  • Please avoid textured & rough surfaces including bubbling, flaking or chipped paint, this may cause damage or non adhesion.
  • Materials such as copper, brass or varnished wood should also be avoided to prevent damage. 
  • Please wait at least 30 days after painting to allow for the paint to out-gas to prevent possible damage to the decal and/or wall. 
Can I clean the decals? 
  • Yes, please use a damp soft cloth, avoid any chemicals as this can cause the ink to run. (if unsure always spot check) 
Is it Low Tack or High Tack? 
  • We use a blockout low tack adhesive; this is enough to stick to glass, walls, doors, columns and pillars - just to name a few. 
Where can I find out more info? 

Contact Us

Please contact us via phone on 0402204669 or email at or via Instagram or Facebook should you require your order quicker - we will do our best where possible.